About Us

In order to live in our light, we must be intimate with our shadow. Through culture, content and community, we can provoke and promote the practice of self-inquiry, mindfulness, intention, and conscious commerce. We recognize that saving the world cannot be a mission without first nurturing ourselves and each other.

Your purchase makes an impact.
10% of net sales benefits Mindfulness Without Borders, so spiritual nurturing is dispersed in every direction. This nonprofit introduces mindfulness practices to classrooms so that children and youth can develop with a curriculum empowered by mindfulness – strengthening their well-being and creating future ambassadors for positive social change. They not only become more selfless, but also more compassionate, empathetic, and inclusive of the diversity that surrounds them, which ultimately contributes to a better world.

Our line of apparel and lifestyle goods is created from high-quality organic materials designed to enrich your life, your mindset, and your experience. We take mindful steps to ensure we put Mother Nature first in every part of the story, minimizing our carbon footprint and waste from production to your unboxing experience. We’re also human, we make mistakes, we compromise, and everything we do is a work in progress. We’re always finding ways to reduce, shift to materials that are aligned, and grow through learning.

100% Organic Cotton
Unlike clothes made of synthetic material, organic, sustainable, and biodegradable cotton does not involve toxic chemicals in its production or shed plastic fibers into the ocean when washed, like clothing made from "recycled plastic bottles" does, unfortunately. 

Water-based Ink 
Although plastisol ink is cheaper, more versatile, and easier to work with, water-based inks are much more environmentally-friendly because they're not PVC-based and they don't require harmful chemicals in their processing, maintenance, and cleanup. 

Water-soluble Paper
Watch our hang-tags shape-shift into new gifts in water. Using water-soluble wood cellulose hang-tags means we can extend the life-cycle of our paper products without getting chemicals or carbon involved. 

Seed Paper
Our insert cards are printed on seed paper, which is not only biodegradable, compostable, and made from recycled materials, but grows into living plants when submerged in water and covered in soil. 

Recyclable Packaging
Our shipping boxes and fill paper are consciously sourced from compostable, biodegradable, and recyclable materials that you can use again. By putting the environment and Mother Nature first, we empower our members to keep the life cycle going, renewing again and again and again. Your future selves will appreciate it.